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Nuevo álbum de Lutan Fyah, exlusivo para VR

Dejavu Records and DBeatzz Music Group nos presentan el nuevo trabajo de Lutan Fyah "New Day" el Official Street Album con 26 tracks y cuenta con una participación de Lady G en la canción "This Love"

Nota completa en ingles:

Kingston, Jamaica- April 2, 2012- Dejavu Records and DBeatzz Music Group present the free Lutan Fyah mixtape, New Day. The street album features 26 scorching tracks, which covers everything from roots and one-drop tunes to a deejaying style that fans may not yet be used to.

Known for tunes like "Rasta Still Deh Bout", Lutan sticks to his roots affirming his faith in righteous livity in songs like "Me Ras" and "No Badness". The 'Empresses' feature highly on tracks such as "Come Over" and "This Love" (featuring Lady G.) The "Girl's Dem Bobo" does not only speak to his intimate relationship with women but also of his respect for their strength in times of hardship in "Baby Dont Cry."

Just in time for Jamaica's 50th celebration of independence, songs like "Overcome Them" and "Ambition" offer motivation for youths who are disillusioned by difficult situations making them feel as if gun life is the only ways out. On the other hand, "Dont Make Mama Bawl" speaks to young people who don't have these harsh realities but still choose the wrong path.

Other notables are the pop-infused "It Takes Time" which show Lutan's versatility and also the lyrical banger "Hard Man Fi Dead" where he proclaims: "true dem lazy dem siddung an' rusty/ a dem mek mi know what a perfect cruff be/ dem nuh waa nutting ' inna life/ dem nuh waa see mi strive/ dem lifestyle dutty an' dusty..... dem a try trick mi, diss mi, mi bounce right back/ what a hard man fi dead!"

When asked why Lutan Fyah, DBeatzz (who flew in from Florida to make New Day happen) says "Lutan is an artists that can go very far internationally. We also want to show other artists that when things are done right, there are groups worldwide willing to invest in reggae." Producer Jermaine "Chase" Blake of Dejavu Records states simply, "to me, Lutan is one of the realest reggae artists left out there and we want to big this up in every way."

Download Lutan Fyah's New Day online now at

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